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Simple and effective ecig mod…

Was thinking about buying one of those dry herb vaporizers so I could run around town taking tokes whenever I felt like it.  Whats the harm right?  Apparently, most people give a shit and those things look a little obvious so I’ve decided to find an alternative to disguise my evil doing.  I have an ecig that I purchased from Tru Smoke a while back to try and quit.  You know, the ones that look like a real cig.  Thought it would be the best device to mod to cover up smoking weed in public.  Looks just like a real ciggy.  They have an ecig flavor cartridge that you can easily mod to fit a little 1-3 hit nug.  You don’t need to use a lighter and draw attention to yourself as the atomizer burns the pot for you.  You just take a drag and get a hit.  Simple, fast, and effective!

e cigarette mods part 3

Does anyone remember the cigarettes bruce willis smokes in the fifth element? I can’t wait to see someone with the fifth element mod for their e cig.  Super short battery and a long as filter haha.232

Then we could all be bruce willis! Running around smoking e cigs, killing german bad guys and yelling at people while we all go bald.  awesomeness

What if in the future real cigs get banned and they remake all the die hard movies with e cigs to cover up the real ones? Haaaannnnnnsss Haaaannnnsssss (spffffffffffffffff blue light one cigs lights up) he could bitch to the fat guy from family matters, carl winslow about how his cowboy battery died.  He could even use his e cig battery as a device to get the bad guys.  He could throw it at the helicopter or make it explode.  stab a guy in the neck.  Just think of all the things bruce willis…..I mean John mcbigmac or whatever could do with an e cigarette. In part 2 he could have used it to take down the plane. Or modded it to shoot poison darts.

Yippie ki yay e cigs

e cigarette flavors

What they really need to do is make e cig flavor mods.  Like that mio shit you put in water, do something about the vapor taste.  A lot of e cigarette flavors taste like crap, cherry = cough syrup, = chocolate? wtf do I wanna smoke chocolate shit flavor?

Some one make a mod kit for e cig flavors please! Like I wanna see some wild shit, like life savers pack, let me see what its like to smoke a kiwi or a grape.  You could go vegetarian too, like whats it liek to my e cig tastes like celery, what now bitches….

What about joke ones for your friends, I won’t do in depth but use your imagination.  Imagine giving your friend an e cig that tasted like dirt or hot garbage.

You could even do pizza flavored or doughnuts.  that would be awesome  you could run a ben and jerrys flavors theme.  Chunk garcia e cig, Or like mcdonalds, the mcEfries and cheese burger flavor, the cheesarette.

what if you could vaporize food, imagine that. Hold on a second im smoking my pizza let me finish. What are you smoking for dinner? I think ill have the salad bar, a few drags of cottage cheese and a couple puffs of steak.  I mean if I can vaporize weed why cant i vaporize an apple.


e cigarette mods part 2

That makes me wonder, what else could you do with e cigs?

1. Solar powered e cig.  You could have a solar panel umbrella and plug your e cig into it? Thinking  about is why dont people make solar panel umbrellas to charge your phone?

2. The Giant e cig. Like the novelty giant zippo lighter. Just a big ass e cig on your desk, that worked. Im talking like cannon big like a fucking tree trunk

3. The e cigarette straw, now you can smoke and drink at the same time. “wow what a country!”

4. E cig voltron, a bunch of unique e cigs you can put together to make the super pipe

5. E cig disguises, like an e cig that looks like smarties, or tootsie rolls. What about a carrot, you could sell that shit at whole foods.  ”It’s a b12 e cig that i paid $45 for, its made in wisconsin har har har”



e cigarette mods

If anything were possible what could yo do with an e cigarette? I have heard of people using them as vaporizers for weed but be original.  I mean they have ones that light up and ones with gem looking htings or different color ones.  Whats next designer e cigs? anyone want a gucci e cig? I sure they will come up with something all iphone uses will have to have. like “duude my e cig is a camera and everytime i take a drag i have an app that shows me how much healthier it is than a real smoke.”

what about people modding them, or jsut wait till there is an e cig accessory booth in the mall.  You could get a photo of you and you bff on an e cig.  or get matching cases, his and hers?  Wtf why not get the family pack of pipe cases.  i have also seen people use ones that dont looks liek real cigs, but like pipes or pen looking things.  I saw this guy outside the office on a smoke break. he friends were smoking and he pulls out thing weird looking pipe and says out loud “…and here is me smoking this dildo looking thing” sighs like he dreaded it and starts sucking away.  and im thinking to myself i think you are confused about some things dude. or quitting smoking broke him mentally

Can I get spinners that fan myself whenever i puff on the e cig?  gold plated ones?  What if they gave e cigs away with tacos.  Who doesnt like nicotine and beans.  I got an idea, pimp my e cig kit with the malboro man guest starring joe camel.  They come to you house and take your hoopty (is that how you spell hoopty?)  e cig and pimpit out.  You get the extra long battery that can power a small town, and hid light that blinds people everytime you take a drag.

What about the kevin bacon game?  You could do the e cig game, 6 things you could do with an e cig but in 60 seconds. 1…2….3 go tooth pick for the jolly green giant, candle for the amish, e cig cabin, e cig bowl like the old bud bowl, the e cigarette golf club, use it at night to attract fire flies.

If you play this game long enough you are bound to get a friend to say something stupid like “picjk my nose”, “wipe my ass” then you get to laugh at them for being a moron.  Cant spell fun with out morons and friends.

- aliens stole me e cig to power their ufo, #notatrustory

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